The University of Bari was founded in October 1924 and it is one of the largest University in the south of Italy. Currently approximately 44,000 students are enrolled in its courses. The University supplies over 150 courses for undergraduates, graduates, post-graduate and PHD Students. The University of Bari is made up of 23 Departments covering all fields of research from basic to R&D, about 52 research and didactic centres and two schools: “Sciences and Technologies” and “Medicine”.

Amelia Manuti

Associate Professor in Work and Organizational Psychology, expert in life-long processes, certification of soft skills and skills assessment acquired both in formal and informal contexts. Responsible for Job placement at the Department of Education, Psychology and Communication

Antonietta Curci

Full Professor in General Psychology, expert in soft skills assessment, Responsible for the Services for Students at the University of Bari

Maria Luisa Giancaspro

Researcher in Work and Organizational Psychology, expert in Vocational Guidance and school-to-work transitions

Anna Paterno

Full Professor in Demographics, delegate of the Rector for the Services for Students at the University of Bari

Nunziata Ribecco

Associate Professor in Statistics, responsible for Vocational Guidance


Centro Studi Pluriversum is an Italian private company, engaged in the field of career education and career counselling, which has planned, provided services and managed projects within the PES, guidance and education system in Italy and within European projects for more than 15 years.


R&D Specialist in education and career development. Project manager for European projects.


CEO of Centro Studi Pluriversum. Member of Careersnet (CEDEFOP). Expert on guidance policies and quality systems.


The USC is a public university dedicated to the preservation, generation, transmission and dissemination of knowledge in a socially responsible manner and in connection with the demands and challenges of Galician society. The University of Santiago de Compostela has a wide academic offer and a powerful research capacity, and has been valued for its excellence as one of the best universities in Spain and in the European Higher Education Area. The USC is a pioneering institution in the development of entrepreneurship policies, the promotion of R&D&I and the transfer and valorisation of the results of its research.

Elena Fernández Rey

Associate Professor in Educational Guidance and researcher with experience in career guidance and training counselors.

Cristina Ceinos Sanz

Assistant Professor in Professional Guidance and researcher with experience in e-guidance, career guidance and training counselors.

Miguel Ángel Nogueira Pérez

Assistant Professor in Educational Guidance and researcher with experience in e-guidance, career guidance and training counselors.

Ana Isabel Couce Santalla

Practitioner in Primary and Secondary Education. Associated Lecturer in Educational Guidance.


The Career Guidance Centre was set up in 2003 as a common service to all municipal compulsory and upper secondary schools in Gothenburg with the responsibility to provide equal access to independent and professional career guidance counsellors. The services covers 34 000 pupils and students age 11 to appr. 20 in 130 schools.The centre is also responsible for the monitoring of more than 3000 drop outs age 16 - 20. Totally 105 employees, mainly career guidance counsellors.

Karin Asplund

Head of Operations, Bachelor in Career Guidance, Master in Educational Action Research (ongoing 2021)

Malin Karlsson

Head of Unit, Bachelor in Career Guidance


Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences operates on six campuses in south-eastern Norway. Department for social work and guidance studies are responsible for a Masters in career guidance and several further education study programs (aprox. 200 students pr. year). Inland Norway University of Applied Science provides training and support to schools and guidance centers in several regions of Norway.

Erik Hagaseth Haug

Practitioner with experience in e-guidance Associate professor (Ph.d) experienced in quality development of guidance services, e.g. development of quality assurance system for national digital career guidance service.


CED invests in young people’s development through non-formal education, volunteerism and youth work fostering creative initiatives and mutual collaboration. We are non-governmental organization that works in region of Pollog since 2006. The organization has as a target group of young people aged 12 to 28 years, while for achieving its goals in youth activities includes teachers, parents, heads of leading institutions, Schools, Universities , Municipalities and many other organizations.

Metin Muaremi

Founder and director of CED, language teacher in primary school, Master trainer in USAID projects

Vladimir Gjorgjevski

He works as a trainer at National Youth Council of Macedonia and as a trainer at Erasmus+ training courses and youth exchanges on several topics.

Lazar Gjorgjevski

He has experience in planning and implementing projects for Institutional development


An expert-based organization committed to tackle societal challenges through tailor-made policy advice, while also supporting the EU ecosystem of entrepreneurs through targeted mentorship and training. SDT works on EU projects promoting education, career guidance, and personal and professional growth at all stages of life, for diverse populations.

Dr. Elissavet Lykogianni

Director, with 20+ year experience in EU projects in the policy areas of social policy, migration, skills and education and a Career coach and Business Mentor.

Mikelle Dorame

Research Analyst, specializing in social policy


As a professional association, the dvb has been promoting career guidance in Germany since 1956. We organize conferences and training courses for counselling practitioners, edit professional publications and information material for those seeking advice. We are in dialogue with relevant politics, administration, institutions and other associations in the field.

Rainer Thiel

President of dvb, senior trainer, career counsellor, trained grammar school teacher

Barbara Knickrehm

Managing Director of dvb, social and project manager, career counsellor, systemic coach

Tillmann Grüneberg

Career counsellor, trainer, lecturer, systemic coach and therapist, PhD student

Ingo Blaich

PhD, sociologist and career counsellor, university lecturer and researcher