Guiding Schools is a project financed by Erasmus plus (KA2) program and involves 8 partners from 7 European countries.
The project works to define internationally and implement locally a quality framework for career guidance in secondary schools. We will develop digital tools to help schools improve their provision of career learning and guidance services.

Every student deserves the best support to build their future.

we involve


we aim

To design and develop a set of tools to help schools ensure high-quality career guidance activities in 7 Countries.

To boost the role and the skills of teachers in order to help them provide career learning and guidance at school.

we work to create

Quality framework

A quality framework for career learning at school based on the European approach of Career Management Skills.

Self-assessment tool

An online self-assessment tool to identify gaps and improve the weakest areas of the career guidance system of each school.

E-learning platform

A new e-learning platform for teachers and practitioners to implement the quality system at school.

E-guidance platform

An integrated e-guidance platform to provide schools with an effective career guidance system powered through accessible digital tools.

we are