Our challenge is to establish the quality criteria to improve career learning at schools of the 7 countries, through a framework that is based on the European approach of Career Management Skills.

Why a quality framework? 


We work to improve the quality of guidance in secondary schools and to focus on the groups of children who are most at risk of moving away from formal learning systems.

The aim is to provide quality indicators for the following areas of guidance: career education, career information, career counseling, career resource center, partnerships in career guidance provision and the reflective practitioner.

Download the quality framework of Myfuture project

Why a self-assessment tool?


Quality is related to a set of factors that ensure benefits to all students in building their own carrer plan. This self-assessment tool will help teachers and school managers to check their services and to benchmark them with other schools locally and nationally. At the same time, the tool offers teachers the opportunity to reflect on the quality of the guidance services offered and to plan improvement actions.

Why a new e-learning platform?

Quality is also strong related to the qualifications of guidance teams. The project will provide e-training to teachers and practitioners to support them in implementing the quality career guidance in schools.  The platform will be organized according to the areas of the quality framework, therefore with in-depth analysis of theoretical and methodological resources for the various components of career learning and guidance.

Why an e-guidance platform?


One of the key factors of an effective quality career guidance system is the capacity of providing also e-learning and e-guidance services to all students to enhance accessibility of information and resources and to address emerging needs in real time and to respond to a raising demand of prfessional advice and support.