Guiding Schools is a project financed by Erasmus plus (KA2) program and involves eight partners from seven European countries.
The project works to define internationally and implement locally a quality framework for career guidance in secondary schools. It will develop 4 outputs which will consist in digital tools to help schools improve their provision of career learning and guidance services.

The first consists in a quality framework for career learning at school, based on the European approach of Career Management Skills. The second is an online self-assessment tool to check, identify and address the gaps and improve the weakest areas of the career guidance system of each school. It will support schools to play an active role in the definition and the implementation of the main aspects of the quality framework, including skills of teachers, education resources, career information and guidance models. The third is a new e-learning platform aimed at empowering the community of teachers, practitioners and school staff to implement the quality system and to support and help students in the complex task of career planning and development. Finally, the fourth is an integrated e-guidance platform, to provide schools with an effective career guidance system powered through accessible digital tools, webinar and video interviews devices, video-tutorials, career software and career information resources.

The project sees the participation of the Università degli studi di Bari and Centro Studi Pluriversum in Italy, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela in Spain, Utbildningsförvaltningen/Vägledningscentrum in Sweden, Hogskolen i innlandet in Norway, Zdruzenie na gragani centar za edukacija i razvoj in Macedonia, The Square Dot team in Belgium and Deutscher Verband für Bildungs-und Berufsberatung e.V. in Germany.